"Smokin' Hot Badness"


Usually when you see "Smokin' Hot Badness" as the headline of a story, it is followed up  by a picture of a really hot Anchor or Reporter (yeah....cuz we're kind of shallow like that).

You don't expect to see those words from a News Director in Memphis talking about the May ratings.

WREG ND Bruce Moore sent a memo out to the staff with the subject line "Smokin' Hot Badness."

Imagine how disappointed the staff was when a they opened the email and saw it was about the May book.

Moore told the staff that they "mopped the floor with the competition." and took a shot at longtime rating leader WMC. 

Here's his memo:

From: Moore, Bruce 
Sent: Thursday, May 23, 2013 11:28 AM
To: WREG-News
Cc: Moore, Bruce; Walter, Ronald
Subject: Smokin' Hot Badness!!!!

Men and Women of the WREG News Department,

You stand before the Memphis Market as a shining example of SMOKIN' HOT BADNESS!!!!

Attached are the 2013 May Sweeps results.  Here are the headlines:

* You mopped the floor with the competition.

* A once dominant Memphis station isn't any longer.  Not by a long shot.  (see also May 2012, July 2012, Nov 2012,    Feb 2013)

Any way you slice it, it is a great story. But I want you to look at one more thing.  Beyond the mere fact that we beat the other guys, look at how much you've grown.  Below, see WREG May '13 vs. WREG May '12.


All of this happened because of your hard work… your passion… AND  your relentless focus on the viewers' wants and needs.