Signing Off in Lubbock

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KLBK Anchor Bill Maddox signed off from the station Yesterday.

Maddox had worked in TV News for 47 years and at one time he had a news writer named Scott Pelley.

I wonder whatever happened to that Pelley guy?

"I've waited all this time to say thank you," said Pelley. "You were my first example in life of what an anchor man should be." 

"I am just thrilled to death that he has been able to make it through with the CBS network and is doing what he is doing today.  If there was anyone who was qualified I would say Scott is," said Maddox.   

So what is Maddox looking forward to most about retirement? "Not getting up at three o'clock in the morning would be one of them," said Maddox.

Oh...he also has plans to write a book.

Doesn't everybody?