Seattle Station Parts Ways with Dog/Duck Reporter

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KIRO in Seattle has parted ways with Reporter James Schugel.

Schugel as you may remember was the Reporter that made news back in late 2011 while working at WCCO in Minneapolis. It was the dog/duck story where Schugel reported that a Minnesota "puppy mill" sending dogs to a Chinatown meat market in New York City. 

It caused an uproar in the Asian American community and was a major embarrassment for WCCO.

By the end of 2012 Schugel was gone from the station and landed a job at KIRO in Seattle at the first of the year.

Now....just 5 months in he's gone from the Seattle station.

Sources tell FTVLive that Schugel was fired.

KIRO News Director Bob Jordan says that Schugel wanted to go back to Minneapolis and "we were able to accommodate him."

Jordan says Schugel is already gone from the station and that he left last week. 

No word on his future plans in TV news.