Club Operator That Fleeced Philly Wxman is Sentenced

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The South Beach (Miami) club operator who part of the scheme that fleeced former Philly Weatherman John Bolaris out over over $40 grand was sentenced in a Miami courtroom.

Albert Takhalov cried when the judge sentenced to 12 years in prison for using  a "bar girls" scheme that would separate patrons from their money.

The scheme also separated Bolaris from his job as weather anchor at Fox Philly. Bolaris was fired after he was taken by the "bar girls" scheme and then talked about it to Playboy magazine. 

"I feel great, I feel relieved that all that stuff is paid off and they’re behind bars," Bolaris told the Philly Daily News. "If I didn’t [testify], that operation would be still be operating. It was very embarassing ... but I feel good. I’ve had a hardship since then, not working and really feel that I was blackballed from the TV news industry because of it."

Bolaris claims he is leaving Philly next month for New York City where he claims to have some job opportunities.