Cincy Sports Guy: Now's the Time


Yesterday FTVLive told you that WCPO Sports Anchor Dennis Janson announced that he was leaving anchor chair next Wednesday (last day of sweeps).

Janson is headed mainly to the station's website to write columns and will do some on air commentaries with a bit of "an edge."

We also pointed out in the story that Janson said that his leaving the anchor desk was "his call". Of course everyone says that and we questioned the fact if it really was his call?

But, we got to talking (if emailing counts as talking) with Janson yesterday and after that we are sure that it really was his choice to change his role at the station.

Janson has been in the business 50 years and like many of us he can remember when the "good old days".

Now, TV news is about saving money and doing the most you can with the least amount of resources. And for the people working in local sports departments, it's even tougher for them.

Janson says his contract was up at the end of this month and he really was ready to do something different. He points out that his days of having his sportscast cut short because there was a fender bender on I-74 are over.

He tells FTVLive "I couldn't be happier and indeed I'm that rare bird who got to call his own shot. Far worthier people have been discarded for having the temerity to get old."

Here's a fact, if you work in TV news it is very likely you will not get to leave the business on your own terms. It looks like Janson is one of the few that is getting to do so.

Lucky guy.