Poll: Should F-Bomb Anchor should get Another Shot at TV News?


AJ Clemente who holds the record for the shortest anchor career in history should get another shot to be on TV.

At least that is according to the listeners at New Jersey 101.5 radio station.

The station talked about how the former anchor is now tending bar for juts over $2 bucks and hour.

In case you live in a cave, Clemente was sacked after his first words on air were "fuckin shit".

The radio station posted a poll on their website asking listeners "Do you think AJ Clemente should be back on TV or stay in the bar?"

Here is a screen cap of the results so far (as of this morning):

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 7.04.09 AM.png

Clemente says his goal is to work in the bar for the summer and then send out resumes to TV stations.

Which begs the question....When you only have anchored one newscast in your life and you started it off by saying "fuckin shit" what is on your demo reel?

Also, What does your paper resume look like?

Bartender (May 2013 - )

Reporter Kelly and Michael (3 minutes)

Anchor KFYR ( 1/2 Hour)

Good luck with that....