Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

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Staffs at Two Buffalo Stations have big smiles on their faces and it has nothing to do with the ratings.

One of the worst TV General Managers ever to occupy a corner office is finally retiring from TV.

Bill Ransom the GM at WKBW in Buffalo says that he is stepping down from his job next month.

When Ransom took over WKBW it was one of the strongest number one stations in the country. Now, the station is a laughable No. 3.

Staffers and former staffers are said to be "ecstatic" with the news that Ransom is leaving the station.

“I am truly grateful to have had the privilege of working with Granite’s talented and committed team members, and am honored to have led our Buffalo station, WKBW, for the last 18 years,” Ransom said.

He led the station into the ground.

Earlier FTVLive reported that WKBW competitor WIVB's GM Chris Musial is also leaving the station after a long stint.

Staffers at WIVB were also happy to hear that Musial was leaving the station.

Expect the staffs at the two stations to get together for a celebration in the not to far off future.