Longtime Chicago Anchor Puts her House on the Market


Veteran WFLD  news anchor Robin Robinson has listed her five-bedroom house  in Chicago area of Bucktown for just under $1.3 million.

Robinson, 55, last year marked her 25th anniversary as WFLD Fox Chicago's main news anchor. She now has spent more than 16 of those years in the 10-room house in Bucktown, which she purchased in 1997 for $520,000. However, with her youngest child now 15, Robinson told Elite Street that she is considering downsizing and that "we could have a condo now."

"It's been a great place for raising kids," Robinson said. "And it's got its own private alley, which is really unusual for the city.  So it's a place where kids can learn to ride their bikes or hopscotch. And it's close enough to walk to all the restaurants in Bucktown."

Robinson said she is open to moving to many locations in the city.

"I've lived all over the city, and I like the whole city," she said. "And I can stay there, too. It's not a 'gotta sell it' -- I'm just going to see. In this market, there's no point in making plans for what you're going to do when you sell your house until you (actually) sell your house."

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