Hoda is Officially a Hottie (According to Maxim)

Hoda Kotb appeared a bit shocked to learn that she is officially a hottie.

The Today Show was part of Maxim Magazines announced Hot 100 list.

Maxim editor-in-chief Dan Bova was on the show to reveal which women were in the top 100 of hotness.

Miley Cyrus topped the list (really?!), but it was no. 79 on the list that made the biggest news on the Today Show.

Hoda learned she was No. 79 and she seemed both shocked and happy to make the list.

"Is this a joke?" Kotb shrieked as Bova placed a sash over her head. "Oh my god! I've never had a sash!"

Congrats (we think) to Hoda for making the list. But please don't tell her that Manti Te’o's Fake Girlfriend came in 10 spots above her at number 69...it might ruin her moment.

Here's the video:

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