New Hampshire Shuts Down News Department


WBIN in Concord, New Hampshire put on such a lousy news product that they finally just gave up.

The broadcast a newscast Friday night at 10PM, on Monday it wasn't there.

The station refused to even comment on them pulling the plug on the newscast. 

“There are strategic decisions regarding programming that we don’t discuss,” said Periklis Karoutas, the company’s vice president of political affairs and public relations.

That's good, yank the news and then refuse to discuss it. What a joke of a station.  

But, the station did say that the newscast will (might) return. Karoutas said news is still important to WBIN.

“I can’t answer when it’s going to return,” he said. “Our company is doing news and will continue to do so.”

We won't hold our breath.

H/T Concord Monitor