CBS Threatens to go to Cable Only


It is amazing how scared the networks are of new technology.

Instead of figuring out a way to embrace it, the networks are determined to try and pet Aereo out of business.

CBS big boss Les Moonves says is out to get Aereo by any means necessary, but he “doesn’t lose sleep over it”. the

“Barry Diller has done what he likes to do, disrupt things,” Moonves says.

However, the CBS chief did say that if the situation couldn’t be resolved in the courts, he is more than willing to take CBS to cable. “We can do it in a few days. If we go to cable, if we are forced to, then about 10% of America will not get our signal and I don’t think they will like that,” Moonves said Tuesday.

The CBS chief said that with around 2,000 subscribers in NYC, the “illegal” Aereo won’t hurt the network but that he still intends to shut them down. “We will go after them in the courts and if that doesn’t work there are other remedies. There are financial remedies; there are congressional remedies.” 

On Monday, Diller said that CBS and the other broadcasters suing Aereo want Congress to save them if their copyright infringement suits fail. Fox and Univision have also threatened to move to cable if Aereo prevails.

H/T Deadline