Social Media Wins Again over Old Media....Again

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Yesterday when some idiot started stabbing people on the Lone Star College campus in Texas, TV stations were scrambling to get to the scene and find out what was going on.

But if you were on Instagram at the time, you likely saw a picture of the Lone Star Stabber before the TV stations even got to the scene.

Steven Maida claims to have personally subdued the student responsible for stabbing 15 people at the school posted a photo to his account alleging to show the attacker on the ground with his hands cuffed behind his back.

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"Fuck this mothafucker stabbed 5 people.2 girls in the cheek," wrote Maida as cheesin365. "Everyone ran the other way I said fuck that. Me and this kid got em #lonestarstabbing #fuckthiskid #copsaretooslow"

He later followed that up with another photo— a selfie — supposedly showing him re-hydrating in the back of a squad car.

But he wasn't done yet. He later jumped on his Twitter account and talked about his day:

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Social media has steadily grown to become a significant component of mass casualty events, bringing breaking news from the scene before more established outlets can sift through the noise.

But this may have taken it to the next level. 

The only word to TV news at this point?

Try to keep up.

H/T Gawker