She's Back...

Over a month ago FTVLive wrote:

Maria Shriver2.jpg

"Maria Shriver did not leave NBC News with the words "I'll Be Back..." But it looks like she is working on making that happen."

And as we pointed out, Shriver, who left NBC News when her husband Arnold Schwarzenegger became the Governor of California (and boy toy to his maid) has been slowly wiggling her way back to the Peacock.

Word is now Shriver is going to become a "Special Anchor" for NBC News.

What exactly does a "Special Anchor" do?

Shriver writes on her blog:

"I've decided to move forward into the next phase of my life by forging a new partnership with an old partner: NBC News. I'm going forward by doing what I love to do -- telling stories that I feel are important to bring to life -- and doing it in some new ways.

As a special anchor, I’ll be working across multiple NBCUniversal properties and NBC News programs. I’ll also be serving as an Editor at Large for women's issues across the NBC News Digital properties, working with the teams to expand on editorial content and news programming that touches on women's multi-faceted lives.

I will also be profiling people I like to call "Architects of Change," groundbreaking women and men who are pushing the boundaries of society, technology, media, science, business, faith and politics.

I’m excited to partner with old friends I’ve known forever -- and the new friends I’ve already made -- to amplify the work that I’ve dedicated myself to over the last decade."

Look for her to be making multiple appearances on the Today Show. NBC thinks Shriver is one person that can help bring lost Today Show viewers back into the fold. 

Stay tuned....