Boston Station Stoops Low in Interview

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As FTVLive has been reporting, most often TV stations and networks have been doing a solid job with their reports from Boston.

But not all the time.

Take WHDH in Boston and an interview they did.

The station tracked down the roommate of a Saudi national who was in the hospital after getting hurt in the Boston Marathon bombings yesterday. The New York Post reported that he was being held in connection to the attacks, but that was later shown to be a false report.

It was clear that the roommate, Mohammed Bada,  was confused, doesn't speak perfect English and seemed to get increasingly agitated by the reporters' questions.

Eventually, the scene reduced itself to this:

REPORTER: Do you think your roommate had some connection to the bombing?


REPORTER: Why not?

It basically seemed like the station was saying "we are going to assume your roommate is probably guilty with very little evidence, now justify his innocence."

It was not a shinning moment in the coverage of the bombings.

Here's the video