Like We Suggested Sports Anchor Will Sign off Now


Yesterday, FTVLive suggested that longtime WGRZ Sports Anchor Ed Kilgore needed to sign off now and not at the end of May as he and the station planned.

It all comes after Kilgore blurred the line and put the station's integrity in question.

As we wrote, Kilgore is leaving to go work for Terry Pegula, who owns the NHL's Buffalo Sabres. 

There was some question about Kilgore staying on at the station while covering the team that his new boss owns. The Gannett station said at the time that "Kilgore’s new job wouldn’t involve the Sabres and added that meant he could continue to be objective covering the team."

On Saturday night there was a conflict with Kilgore and his new boss that more than blurred the line.

Kilgore was the host of a press conference for the HarborCenter project that featured Buffalo Sabres Owner Terry Pegula.

After our story, the Gannett owned station has come out and said that Kilgore will be leaving the station Tomorrow and not in May.

It was a wise move by the station that made a mistake and now corrected it.