Fired Anchor Felt Slapped by her Co-Anchor


When Dorothy Lucey was let go from the morning show at KTTV in LA, she felt she was slapped be her longtime co-anchor Steve Edwards with something he said to her. 

Lucey who now writes on her blog about her life says that she hadn't watched "Good Day LA" since she was let go from the show.

But, she writes she caught a few minutes of the show the other day on a hotel's TV. Lucey writes "It's the first time I have seen it (The show) since I left. I only watched a moment but it reminded me of something. 

When I lost my job someone who shall remain nameless (steve) said "well you were never going to leave on your own>'

I did not appreciate the comment. Actually I felt like he slapped me."

Luecy has been very candid about her getting sacked. You may recall that she wrote in one of her blog posts that her News Director Kingsley Smith told her that her voice "makes my ears bleed." 

He then let her go from her job.