HLH Beats CNN and Shep at 7PM


You have to hand it to CNN's ugly red headed step sister HLN.

Between Robin Meade in the AM and Jane Velez-Mitchelle at night, they can hold their own. 

Mediaite writes that on Thursday night, during the 7 p.m., HLN’sJane Velez-Mitchell beat all of MSNBC and CNN in the key demo and total viewership.

Racking up 322k in the demo, Velez-Mitchell beat out Fox’s Shepard Smith (255k), MSNBC’s Chris Matthews (181k), and CNN’s Erin Burnett (155k).

In total viewership, the HLN host got 1.11M viewers, beating out MSNBC’s 673k and CNN’s 494k.

Here are the rest of your Thursday night ratings:

Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 6.28.41 PM.png