Larry King Calls in His Tweets


Larry King is like 170 years old, so you might not expect him to totally get Today's Technology.

And we can tell you he doesn't.

When Larry wants to Tweet something, he phones it in.

Really!!!! He does!

The Wall Street Journal did a Larry King Fluff piece and it's really not all that interesting, except for the part where King went to a basketball game in Brooklyn. He wanted to tell his fans that it was the first time a sports event in Brooklyn since 1957. So he decided to tweet it.

The paper writes Larry pulled a clamshell phone from his leather jacket.

"I'm going to call in a tweet!" he announced.

He wasn't kidding. Larry had a producer who would take his words and convert them into Twitter messages. He said something about being at his first Brooklyn game since '57. Not long after it was up online, for 2.3 million followers.

That's it! FTVLive is now hiring are own Twitter Producer, so we to can call in Tweets. If you're interested in the job, drop us a line. But, if it's OK with Larry, will still make the calls on our iPhone. No way are we going to do the whole clamshell phone thing.

Sorry Lar....