Weather Folks Swing and Miss with Snow Predictions


The Northeast was expected to get blasted with another snowstorm.

The Weather Channel is still coming up with stupid names for snowstorms blared "Get Ready for Saturn's Wrath." Yeah...this storms name was Saturn. But it should have been called "Uranus"... because the weather people  got their ass handed to them.

The "next huge storm" was a bust.


Joe Calhoun (pictured) the weatherman at WGAL in Central Pennsylvania was honest about missing the mark on this storm.  "No way around it: we blew that forecast," Calhoun said. "We worked very diligently at the forecast. I spend numerous extra hours looking at the weather when there is a storm like this not only because it is my job, but because it is my passion. It is what I enjoy doing. With this storm there was the water air off the ocean, which I thought was going to feed the storm and intensify it. And, it did. But it also overwhelmed the precipitation, overwhelmed the air mass. Even though it was cold enough for snow for a good part of the morning as the precipitation got going the warm air overwhelmed it." he added.

It is at least refreshing for a weather anchor to say he screwed up.

WPMT Weatherman Jeff Jumper didn't want to admit to missing so badly. "I understand some people are upset because they want to see snow while others close school and business and the snow doesn't comes as expected. When it comes to snowfalls people want it to exact. Even in 2013 this is still not an inexact science. One inch of rain can be 5 to 20 inches of snow. Depending, we can expect 5 inches wind up with 9 inches and feel we were close. That is why we do this as a range," he said.

Everyone knows that weather is not an exact science. But it is nice when the weather people admit they screwed up. And usually the forecast for that is about 5%.

H/T PennLive