Bounce O-Town Anchor to Resurface in Philly

For almost 14 years, Jacqueline London was the anchor at WKMG in Orlando.


Then in 2010 the station decided they needed to make some cuts. London was bounced from the station.

But she is about to land in a much bigger market than Orlando.

 She will start later this month as an early evening anchor at WCAU, the NBC owned-and-operated station in Philadelphia.

“It all happened so fast,” London told the Orlando Sentinel . She said she loved Philadelphia and called the decision “a no-brainer.”

“I’m beyond excited to be in the fourth largest market in the country at the NBC O&O where Comcast is headquartered,” she said. 

London said she didn’t know what job she might land after being off the air. She said she would have loved to stay in Orlando to work, but she would have had to wait six more months because of a noncompete clause with WKMG.

“My [WKMG] contract runs out, and I’ll start there [in Philadelphia],” she said. “It’s perfect timing.”  

London left WKMG after nearly 14 years at the CBS affiliate.  Then WKMG General Manager Skip Valet said: “After a lengthy discussion based on this tough economy, WKMG has decided it is not feasible to employ three anchors for our 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. newscasts.  As part of this decision WKMG and Jacqueline London have decided to part company.”

The remaining anchors then were Lauren Rowe and Mike Garofalo. He later left the station.

At the time, London said, “Station management has stressed to me that this decision has nothing to do with my performance and everything to do with the dollar amount of my current contract, particularly given the tough economic climate.”

Looks like she is getting a little sweet revenge for the station dumping her.

H/T Orlando Sentinel