ABC in Talks with Maria Shriver

Maria Shriver had a pretty good longtime gig working for NBC. She gave that up when you Husband Arnold Schwarzeneg­ger ran and become Governor of California.


That didn't end as well as she would have liked.

So, at 57 years old Shriver wants to get back to what she loves which is TV. Sources say that Shriver approached NBC about coming back to the Peacock.

We're told that NBC's parent company Comcast, who had taken over NBC while Shriver was California's First Lady was not interested at bring her back and certainly was interested at bringing her back anywhere close to the salary she was making before she left.

Enter ABC, word is that ABC does have an interest in Shriver. Sources say the two sides have had a number of meetings and are trying to work out a deal.

One thought is making Shriver the heir apparent to Barbara Walters.

Walters returned to The View yesterday after weeks off from a fall and a bout with the Chicken Pox.

At 83, Walters has become more frail and is not able to go the speed she once was. There is talk inside ABC of having Shriver take over Walter's "Fascinating People" special. 

Shriver could also be worked in slowly on The View along with some other projects for ABC News.

Of course, needless to say Barbara Walters is not keen on any of this. She is and wants to stay the Queen Bee at ABC.

But, ABC needs to think of the future without Babs and Shriver may just be the ticket.

Stay tuned....