Ex-Boyfriend Talks About NBC Anchor Coming Out


You to have it to NBC's Jenna Wolfe....when she does something, she does it in a big way.

The Today Show Weekend Host  surprised many people would she "came out" announcing the fact that she was indeed gay.

But, Wolfe also told the world she was 4 months pregnant. As we said when she does something it's big.

On the Today Show yesterday, Wolfe announced that she is expecting a baby girl with partner Stephanie Gosk, an NBC News correspondent. The announcement is the first time Wolfe had publicly discussed her sexuality.

Former Fox Philly Sports Anchor Don Tollefson dated Wolfe while the two were both working in Philadelphia. So how did he take the news that his ex-girlfriend was not only gay but pregnant?

Tollefson only had kind words for Wolfe.

“I have not only tremendous well-wishes from her as a person. She comes from an absolutely awesome family. She's so good on the air and I've always admired her . . . moxie is such a corny word to use, she has incredible curiosity on the air,” Tollefson told the Philly Daily News. “I’ve followed her career from afar. I always said to her, ‘Be yourself because to be yourself is so appealing to people.’ She’s obviously taken that and run with it."

FTVLive would like to pass on our congratulations to Wolfe on the big news. But, we think we speak for many heterosexual guys out there...we're a bit disappointed. It always stings a bit to lose a hottie to the other team.

Just saying...