Tucker Carlson Hits for the Cycle


Tucker Carlson will be making it a clean sweep with his latest job at Fox News.

The Fox News Channel announced Wednesday that it had hired Tucker Carlson as a co-host of its "Fox & Friends Weekend" morning program.

Carlson has now worked at CNN, MSNBC and now Fox News.

We expect at some point when Al Jazeera gets their version of Current TV, Carlson will eventually end up working there as well. 

FTVLive was the first to tell you that Carlson was getting pushed out at MSNBC back in 2006.

He went on to launch a website called The Daily Caller. The site has come under fire recently. The conservative website, is alleged to have paid to arrange interviews with Dominican prostitutes who would frame U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez as having done business with them.*

Carlson denies those charges.

He starts on Fox News in early April.