Past Actions Makes it Hard to Take NBC at Their Word


Today Show EP Alexandra Wallace says that NBC is not replacing Matt Lauer on the Today Show.  

Of course this all comes after it was leaked out that NBC approached CNN's Anderson Copper about taking over Lauer's job on Today.

Wallace was in full damage control this morning. She said that Lauer is "the best in the business" and that NBC wants him on "Today" for many years to come.

Later Today, Wallace put out another statement “We are not considering replacing Matt Lauer.”

We're sorry, but FTVLive finds it really hard to take anyone from NBC at their word.

Years ago FTVLive reported that NBC was going to have massive layoffs. The network denied FTVLive's report all the way up to when they laid off hundreds of staffers.

FTVLive FIRST reported that the Today was going to hire Kathie Lee Gifford for the final hour of Today. Again, NBC denied the report right up until they announced they hired Gifford.

And of course, it was FTVLive that reported FIRST that NBC was going to pull Jay Leno's show at 10PM and move him back to the Tonight Show.  And again the bosses at NBC denied FTVLive's report right up to the point they pulled Leno's 10PM show.

So, for Alexandra Wallace to say that Matt Lauer is at the Today Show for the duration, the statement doesn't really hold much water. 

You can only piss in someone's ear so many times and tell them it's raining.

We're guessing that Matt Lauer has some questions about his future as well.

Stay tuned...