60 Minutes Wins Two Peabody Awards


I hate to burst anyone's bubble out there, but if you win or won an Emmy award it's really kind of a blah accomplishment.

Winning and Emmy is about as easy as getting accepted to Sam's Club. Plunk down your $25 bucks and you're in.

But, if you win a Peabody for your work in TV News? Now you're talking.

CBS's 60 minutes did not win one, they won two. That is really impressive.

And if you think it's that easy, look at it this way. 60 Minutes has been on the air forever. They have done countless stories and these two awards they just won are just the 19th and 20th in the show's history.

Now, maybe you get an idea how hard it is to win a Peabody.

60 Minutes won for stories reported in Africa by Bob Simon and in the U.S. by Scott Pelley. 

In the domestic report, “Deception at Duke,” Pelley and his team investigated a Duke University oncologist who colleagues believed had manipulated the data in a “breakthrough” cancer therapy project.  The investigation was produced by Michael Radutzky and Kyra Darnton.  The associate producer was Sam Hornblower. It was edited by Matt Richman.

Simon traveled to the Democratic Republic of Congo to tell the story of the only all-black symphony orchestra in the world.  “Joy in the Congo,” the dream of one man to play classical music in the heart of Africa, came true in the 200 musicians and vocalists featured in this moving story about the Kimbanguist Symphony Orchestra in Kinshasa. It was produced by Clem Taylor and Magalie Laguerre-Wilkinson; the editor was Warren Lustig.

The Peabody Awards will be distributed by the University of Georgia at a luncheon in New York City in May.