Shepard Smith Talks about His Sleeping Partner


Shepard Smith has a ritual every morning when he wakes up.

Before he even goes to the bathroom, Shep checks in with his partner that sleeps in bed with him every night.

In the LA Times they ask Shep about sleeping with his Samsung Galaxy phone in the bed with him?

Shep sets the record straight and says that's not true.

Shep says: "Actually, it's not a Samsung Galaxy, it's a Nexus 6. The Blackberry and the 

iPhone are by the bed, and the Nexus 6 is in the bed. That's an embarrassing thing, and I wish I'd never admitted it. But the first thing, before coffee, before bathroom, I log on. These are bad habits that I need to break, but I need to know right when I wake up what is about to happen today."

By the way, when Shep gets as old as us, the Bathroom will come first, I guarantee it.

Just saying...

H/T LA Times