Ummmm... The Dogs are Doing it


FTVLive told you that WCAU in Philly had taken the wraps of their new News Chopper SkyForce 10.

The station bragged about how great the camera was on the new bird and viewers got to find out how good it was with some humping action.

WCAU reporter Christine Maddela was reporting on an alleged dogfighting ring in the area and the chopper was hovering over the scene of where the fights were supposedly happening.

When the new SkyForce 10 camera zoomed in on the backyard only to catch one dog mounting another.

"You can see that one dog is . . . uh . . . chained up . . . , " Maddela said, trying to draw focus away from the copulating pooches. The camera then zoomed out quickly.

Jimmy Kimmel featured the dogs humping on his show. Here's the video: