Here we Go Again!


You may remember that it was FTVLive who broke the news that NBC was pulling Jay Leno off his 10PM Time Slot (just Google "FTVLive Jay Leno" if you don't know what were talking about).

When FTVLive FIRST broke that news NBC denied that it was going to happen. We all see how that worked out.

Well now, the rumor mill is swirling again that Leno is going to leave the Tonight Show and of course NBC is denying it once again.

Though NBC officially denies the claim, sources told the Hollywood Reporter that the network is looking to announce Leno's departure in May, making the next season of the show his last.

Talking over Leno's spot will likely be Jimmy Fallon, who has claimed the 12:30 a.m. spot on NBC's nightly schedule since 2009.

Insiders speculate that the network hopes to move Fallon up partially to compete with rival show "Jimmy Kimmel Live!," which recently moved to Leno's 11:35 slot on ABC.

Kimmel's strong numbers have NBC suits nervous.

No matter what NBC is saying now, wait for the May Book when they announce that Leno is leaving.

Stay tuned...