Sponsor Love - N.S. Bienstock

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nother week draws to a close and once again we saw more people visit FTVLive this week than any week so far. It is exciting to watch FTVLive grow so fast and it is thanks to all of people for stopping by the site and spreading the word to your friends and co-workers.

FTVLive never would have been able to bust down the pay wall f it wasn't for a great sponsors that stepped up and supported the idea of us going to a free site. 

Sponsors like N.S. Bienstock.

Bienstock has been at the forefront of the broadcast news business since 1964.

They pioneered representation of on-air and off-air talent in syndication, cable, reality television, and talk radio over the last 45 years, not only representing talent, but pitching and packaging some of the most popular programs on both television and radio.

Bienstock continues to set the pace by exploring new avenues for their clients including the Internet, broadband, mobile applications, satellite radio and worldwide distribution. 

The man behind Bienstock is co-owner Richard Leibner.

Leibner has been named one of the most powerful people in television year after year. Over the years, Leibner shaped the careers of some of the giants of the TV industry. He has represented people like Eric Severaid, Dan Rather, Mike Wallace, Ed Bradley, Diane Sawyer, Steve Kroft and Bob Schieffer.

The woman behind Bienstock is the other co-owner Carole Cooper.

ooper reps many of Today's biggest stars. She has A-listers like Bill O'Reilly, Anderson Cooper, Lara Logan and so many more. Cooper has helped local talent reach their goals of network television and she has helped news talent make the transition into syndicated television. 

Bienstock has a stable of agents that can take clients at the small stations, to top stations and networks.

Agents like Rick Ramage.

Ramage has one of the keenest eyes for talent. He has taken many talent from small markets and help grow their careers o the top levels in TV news.  Ginger Zee, Dylan Dreyer, Pam Oliver, Kristine Johnson and Stephanie Abrams are just some of Ramage's clients along with a number of other Talent in the top markets. 

Agent Peter Goldberg has been with Bienstock for years. Peter is known as a top negotiator. His client list includes Robin Roberts, David Muir, Alisyn Camerota and Don Lemon and scores of others in big markets. 

Bienstock has a dozen other agents that all have expertise n various parts of the television industry. The company truly is a powerhouse when it comes to representing TV talent.

You can visit their site by clicking here.