Rob Morrison Planning to Write Tell All Book


Fired...errrrr "Resigned" TV Anchor Rob Morrison has some time on his hands.

After being arrested for choking his wife and then losing his job as anchor at the CBS O&O in New York, Morrison is planning to write a tell all.

The disgraced news anchor is plotting his return to the limelight with plans for a tell-all book, according to reports.

The former anchor is planning to write an autobiography which tells the story of his TV career and troubled marriage to fellow star Ashley Morrison.

Morrison, 44, "resigned" from his $300,000-a-year job in February as police accused him of choking his Moneywatch anchor wife in a 'drunken rage.'

Several allegations have since emerged about the couple's difficult past with Rob Morrison accused of infidelity and previous incidents of domestic violence.

He denies the charges and believes he can set the record straight in his book.

Morrison also hopes the book will be turned into a TV show. 

Not sure what the title on the new show will be, but we hope that Morrison knows that "Jackass" has already been used.

H/T The Daily Mail