Weather Anchor wants the Hell out of Buffalo


FTVLive has been reporting that the morale at WIVB Channel 4 in Buffalo has sunk lower than Beyonce's neckline.

The once proud number one station has faltered under both a bad GM and a puppet News Director.

A few weeks ago we told you about how meteorologist Amelia Segal was looking to leave the station for a job back in December in the much bigger market of DC.

News Director Joe Schlaerth refused to allow her to leave.

Now, blogger Alan Pergament says the station has posted a job opening for Weather Anchor. Segal's contract is up in March, it looks like she is ready to shuffle off from Buffalo.

She reportedly has told co-workers that she would “rather go home and stay with my parents” and look for an opportunity elsewhere than than stay at WIVB.

You know when the staff picks unemployment over working at your station, you have a morale problem.

H/T StillTalkinTV