Sinclair wants to Buy More Stations

Sinclair says they are not done yet buying stations. And that in itself should scare TV News people.


“We believe that Sinclair has emerged as a leader in the consolidation trend in the broadcast industry and we don’t believe we are finished yet,” said David Amy, Sinclair EVP-CFO, during the company’s fourth quarter earnings conference call with analysts Wednesday morning.

Sinclair is mainly interested in buying stations in markets where they already own stations. The bad news with that is it means if they do purchase a station, they plan on consolidating (i.e. firing a shit ton of people) operations with the station they already own in the market.

“Our philosophy has been to look toward Big 4 stations and adding on where we have an existing property,” Amy said. “We see quite a bit of benefit or opportunity there. We’ll continue to be aggressive if and when they [opportunities] come up.”

In other words, if you're in a market with a Sinclair station, hope to God they don't buy your station. If they do....update your resume quick!