Note: FTVLive Updates Throughout the Day


Back when FTVLive was a pay site (you remember those days?) we would update in the morning and unless a big story broke, that was about all the updates we did.

Often the FTVLive readers would log onto the site in the morning and wouldn't do so again until the next day.

Now that we are free, FTVLive has changed the way we update the site. For example yesterday morning if you logged onto the site, you saw about 10 new stories. But, by the end of the day, we posted a total of 30 entries!

So make sure you keep checking back with FTVLive throughout the day as this site keeps it fresh. We will also be doing updates on the weekends as well.

FTVLive is a 24/7 operation! Our entire staff (of one) is here working hard just for you.

So what's up with the picture of the hot girl holding a phone? We figured it might get you to pay attention to this story.

It is Sweeps you know?