Motown Station Fires General Manager

On Friday WADL, which in a opinion is the one of the most F'd stations in the country, fired their GM.


The station put out a press release announcing that they fired General Manager Matt Uhl for violation "corporate policy." 

They also pointed that that Uhl was a "Kevin O'Brien hire"....the station sacked O'Brien over a year ago after he also according the station "violated Company Policy".

The station also mentions in the press release that the policy that was violated was discovered after an investigation by "Mr. Mazzari, a retired former special agent of the “FBI”".

This is not the first time that WADL has mentioned that they former special agent of the FBI on staff in a press release. It seems to us that the station owner Keven Adell is more excited to have a former G-man in staff, then he is to own a TV station. 

Here is the station's press release about sacking their GM:

DETROIT, MI – WADL TV Detroit abruptly fires Matt Uhl for violating corporate policy and cancels the Dr. Nandi Show. Matt Uhl, a Kevin O’Brien hire, stayed on as General Manager after O’Brien was disgorged from WADL. Matt Uhl succeeded veteran Steve Antoniotti, who was General Manager of WADL for about a year.

One of the corporate violations was manipulation by a programmer. When the CFO of WADL informed Mr. Adell that the Dr. Nandi Show was 90 days past due in payment, approximately $12,000, Mr. Adell questioned how this show, in a prime time spot, could only be $12,000, it should have been a lot more. Mr. Adell began looking at the time period, how this show interrupted purchased syndicated programming, the low rate and the show itself. Mr. Adell asked Mr. Mazzari, a retired former special agent of the “FBI” that works for Mr. Adell, to conduct a full investigation on the Dr. Nandi Show.

This investigation uncovered that Dr. Nandi received $1.2 million dollars in film credits based on $4 million dollars in film expenses; in which WADL only received a potential $26,000 for the year. Dr. Nandi’s application showed over 12 editors for an hour show. Mr. Adell’s network and TV station that runs twenty four seven doesn’t have 12 editors. Mr. Adell questions how a full time doctor at Beaumont Hospital can have 12 editors, 39 employees, and spend $4 million dollars to run a one hour television program on WADL.

Mr. Adell wants to make it perfectly clear, since his name and call letters were used in the application, that his station made no representation to the State of Michigan regarding film credits.

Special Agent Mr. Mazzari’s findings will be turned over to the State of Michigan.

WADL TV Detroit is a full power commercial broadcast station serving the metro Detroit Market. Mr. Adell also owns The Word Network, the largest African American religious network in the world.