Denver Anchor Prepares for Job Hunt

From the 70's through the 90's THE sports guy in Denver television was Ron Zappolo. The guy knew everybody involved in sports in the Mile High City.


After over two decades in sports, Zappolo made that rare leap made by only a few and went to anchoring news.

In 2000 he became the first major news broadcasting hire for Fox's KDVR-31, sharing main anchor duties with the recently departed Libby Weaver.

In just over a month his contract with KDVR will end and at 61 years old, Zappolo will retire? 


He plans on starting a job search and hoping once again to be anchoring sports. He plans on taking some time off for the Spring and Summer and then he hopes to start his sports job search.

"I don't have an agent, and there's no deal cooking," he told the Denver Post. "It will be a challenge to see what's out there."

"I'm aware how the TV sports business has changed in 10 years," Zappolo said, citing social media. "Also, local newscasts seem to allow fewer minutes for sports segments."

Zappolo occasionally has been critical of local sports news, feeling that attempts at humor can push out legitimate information.

And he believes easy access to video too often creates meaningless "cute" stories.

Zappolo was the first Denver television sportscaster to insert regular, clearly marked commentary into his coverage.

It might be refreshing to get someone like that back behind the sports desk.

H/T Denver Post