The Revolving Door at WNBC


People continue to leave WNBC both in front and behind the camera.

For the past few years we've been telling you about the masses of employees who have left WNBC's news department. The numbers are head shaking because historically, every station in New York has been very stable. People work hard to get to New York, and once they get there, they tend to stay. But that hasn't been the case at WNBC.

Four employees have quit in the last two weeks- the assistant news director to go to Telemundo, the managing editor back to Detroit, an assignment editor to an overnight shift at CBS, and even the HR director is leaving also.

Below is the email announcing the departure of Ozzie Martinez (pictured) the station's Assistant News Director, who has only been in that role a little more than a year.  

News director Susan Sullivan makes sure in the email to point that her former #2 is still with the company and that the move was made for personal reasons, not because the news department is in turmoil and ratings are low:

From: Sullivan, Susan M (NBCUniversal, WNBC) 
Sent: Monday, December 09, 2013 12:07 PM
To: @NBC Uni WNBC AllEmployees
Cc: Martinez, Manuel (NBCUniversal, WTVJ); Keeshan, Kevin (NBCUniversal)
Subject: ozzie

Over the last 5 years, we have covered blizzards, hurricanes, a terrible mass murder, and a plane splash landing in the Hudson.

And through it all Ozzie Martinez has been there. The can-do guy. He's taken on all the breaking news as well as the everyday hassles with a determined attitude.

Today I am announcing that Osvaldo is leaving us. But he is not going far away. Ozzie will be VP of News and Standards for the 16 Telemundo local news stations.

It is an incredible opportunity for him. I think you all know that Valari Staab now oversees the Telemundo station group so it is all in the family. Ozzie will be relocating to Miami so his family will also benefit from this new opportunity. And as many as you know, his mother really needs him right now. His office will be in Miami, but he will be in NY often. 

He officially begins the new job today but will be  in the newsroom this afternoon.  I know you will join me in wishing him great success.