Larry Who?


When Larry Connors was fired at KMOV for a Facebook post that implied the IRS was targeting him because of an interview he did with President Obama, he was the highest paid anchor at the station.

It turned out that the IRS was trying to get the money they were owed long before the Obama interview and Connors got what he deserved when he was let go.

The question is how did KMOV do in their first November book since their high paid anchor was sacked?

They won every show that Connors used to anchor on.

In fact for the first time in a very long time, KMOV won the book at 5, 6 and 10PM.

KMOV #1 at 5pm & 6pm
KTVI #2 at 5pm & 6pm
KSDK #3 at 5pm & 6pm

KMOV #1 at 5pm &6pm
KSDK #2 at 10pm
KTVI #3 at 10pm

KTVI #1 at 6am
KSDK #2 at 6am
KMOV #3 at 6am

Ouch! That rating news has to hurt Connors giant ego just a bit.