Does Jeff Zucker Think That Jay Leno has no Memory?


Back in 2010, FTVLive broke the World Exclusive story that NBC (headed by Jeff Zucker at the time) was going to pull the plug on Jay Leno's 10PM show.

NBC denied the FTVLive story, but of course we all know how it turned out.

Zucker was long ago pushed out at NBC and is now over at CNN trying to screw that place up more than it is. 

Leno is being pushed out at NBC's Tonight Show to make way for Jimmy Fallon.

Now word comes that Jeff Zucker is interested in bringing Jay Leno over to CNN.

Say What?!

The Hollywood Reporter says that Zucker is among those who have approached Leno for a late-night or primetime show on his network. Zucker recently visited briefly with Leno at NBC in Burbank.

Word is that Zucker wants to raise his awful demo ratings and thinks that bringing in 63 year old Jay Leno will help do that.

Can you now see why NBC pushed Zucker out the door?