Lara Logan Coming Back to 60 Minutes Early Next Year


It appears that the suits at CBS are about ready to let Lara Logan comeback from her time out.

Word is that Logan and Producer Max McClellan, who were put on a leave of absence following their now-retracted report on Benghazi, are set to return to the program early next year.

Politico writes that Logan and her producer, who had unfinished projects in the works when they left in November, have started booking camera crews for news packages, network sources said. Their return could come as early as next month.

Kevin Tedesco, the spokesperson for "60 Minutes," said a specific return date had not been scheduled.

“Lara Logan’s return has not been scheduled," he wrote in a statement. "Beyond that, we do not comment on speculation.”

Wait a minute! Wasn't it "speculation" that caused this whole mess to begin with. So while CBS "won't comment on speculation" they're not against airing it.

Just saying....