Yahoo to Pay Couric $6 Million

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Katie Couric's part time job at Yahoo is going to pay her $6 million dollars a year.

Nice work if you can get it.

Couric will get paid millions to be the "Global Anchor" for Yahoo.

The job with the giant Internet portal will be Couric's secondary focus while the veteran television journalist finishes out the second season of "Katie," her national talk show on ABC, the source said Sunday.

The NY Daily News says that the Yahoo deal represents "a significant pay increase" for Couric compared to the job she left a few weeks ago as a special correspondent with ABC News, the source said.

But the media maven could be looking at an overall reduction next year if ABC, as rumored, decides not to renew "Katie" after the season wraps up in May.

Couric's company is paid $20 million to produce the show, of which about half goes to the star herself. 

Couric told the Associated Press in November that she hopes to conquer the Internet after 22 years as a TV talk show host and news anchor.

"We are in a major, transformative time in terms of media in this country," the 56-year-old Virginia native said.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said Couric will become "the face" of the multi-faceted web giant. But it was not immediately clear what her role will entail at the company.

$6 million bucks for a part time job that no one really knows what you do?

Where do I sign up?!