Weatherman: I get too Use my Brain Here

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 8.15.32 AM.png

It pears that when you're the weekend Weather Anchor in the Miami market, you don't get to use your brain all that much.

Former WFOR Weekend Weather Anchor Jeff Berardelli has moved up the coast to WPEC and he thinks it was a good move.

The Sun Sentinel asked Berardelli about moving from Miami to the smaller market of West Palm Beach.

I have more responsibility at this station. I wanted a job where I could really help make a difference in the weather department. The job up here requires me to work harder and really use my brain, it requires me to be more creative … I have that authority at the station. Whereas in Miami, I was a weekend meteorologist [and] I was more of a worker than [someone who]I had the ability to change things, Berardelli said. 

Yeah, it's a much better gig that working with those brainless people in Miami.