OKC Reporter Takes one to the Face

When it's ratings, you have to be willing to take one for the team. 

For the longest time, Reporters would have cops tase them as one of the most overdone sweeps stunts. 

Well, the taser is being replaced by a new weapon, called the JPX Pepper Gun.

Unlike pepper sprays, which can disperse in windy environments, the JPX Pepper Gun shoots straight, delivering a stream of gel that is apparently one thousand times more powerful than Jalapeno peppers.

So of course, we wondered who would be the first idiot.....errrrr ....Reporter to let a cop Pepper gun him.

Say hello to KFOR's (Oklahoma City) Lance West.

West was the first person ever that was shot in the face by Deputies of the Shawnee Sheriffs office. 

But hey....it's is the November book after all.  

Here's the video: