Really?! Can you Get More Lame than This?


There is no real polite way to put it....when ratings roll around stations lose their shit in an effort to get viewers. 

Stations will do stories or stunts that they think will bring in the numbers.

One Orlando station has proven that they have totally run out of ideas and is resorting to stunts that radio stations did back 30 years ago.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 8.34.38 AM.png

WOFL Fox 35 Reporter David Martin is perched on a billboard along I-4 and says he is staying there until the station gets to 85,000 Likes on their Facebook page (currently the station has 76,621). 

We're guessing that the Promotion Department woke up from a 30 year nap and came up with this brilliant plan for one of the station's Reporters.

We're sure Martin can't wait to come down from the billboard and get this right on his resume tape.

Stations will do just about anything for ratings and Facebook 'Likes'....but WOFL should be ashamed at themselves for such a lame stunt that is decades past it's time.