Falling on Their Sword (or Sabre)

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FTVLive grew up in Buffalo and we can tell you that in the Winter time there are only two things in Buffalo, snow and hockey.

The Western New York landscape is dotted with hockey rinks and many kids build a rink in their backyard every Winter.

So, it was a bit jaw dropping when the City's beloved NHL team the Buffalo Sabres fired both their GM and Coach and replaced them with two hockey legends. 

And while the press conference was happening, Buffalo's fits and last place station ignored it.

The Buffalo News writes that the  Sabres hiring of beloved former Sabre star Pat LaFontaine as president of hockey operations and extremely popular former Coach Ted Nolan (both pictured) as interim coach this morning was almost  equaled by the stunning decisions of WIVB and WKBW to stick with their regular programming rather than carry the press conference live announcing the moves.

The hiring of LaFontaine and Nolan and the firing of General Manager Darcy Regier and Coach Ron Rolston were big news stories that are larger than just sports stories in this community.

The story lead of the station's evening newscasts, yet they ignored covering the presser live. Buffalo television has not yet grasped the idea that the news no longer waits until 5:00 and in a world of social media and immediate coverage, they need to get with the times. 

Maybe the snow has frozen their brains. 

It should be pointed out that the press conference was carried live by WGRZ and Time Warner Cable's news operation.