Earthbound Misfit Life as a News Chopper Pilot


Jerry Foster spent 20 years as a TV News Chopper Pilot and now he's dishing the dirt in a book (because everyone in TV is writing a book now-a-days).

The book titled 'Earthbound Misfit' is the story of Foster's run as a pioneer in the field of news helicopter pilots.

What began a routine flying job reporting traffic for a local TV station, soon became much more, as Jerry began reporting news stories as well.

His former training as a pilot/paramedic and his association with several law enforcement agencies, also allowed him the opportunity to help with rescues and recoveries. Very often, instead of just reporting the story, Jerry Foster was the story.

The book also covers Jerry’s early life, and the demons that followed him for years, as well as his life after 20 years in the TV business.

It covers his fall from grace, and his years of reclusiveness, before venturing out into the world of Facebook and discovering that he was still loved by many.

Here's a link to amazon if you're interested in buying the book.