Newsgirls Don't Cry


Former KTNV (Las Vegas) reporter and anchor Melissa McCarty, who left Sin City six years ago to work in the Los Angeles market, has written a book titled “News Girls Don’t Cry.”

They may not cry, but they might do some gold digging.  

The Las Vegas Review Journal says that McCarty dishes some doozies about her demons and her personal life. Her chapter on Las Vegas mentions an unnamed mogul she dated and how she watched him lose $250,000 one night at blackjack.

One night at a Hollywood club, she was swept off her feet by a man she refers to as Mr. Wonderful-the athlete. After an argument-filled courtship, he called it off, saying he needed to focus on his career. He went on to “great success,” she said. “In fact he was an overnight sensation.” 

McCarty  is now working for Larry King on his new network ORA-TV as a fill-in host on the news-breaking segment.