Ummmm...That is Just Not Right


You may remember the story of Winston-Salem Anchor Tolly Carr. Carr went to prison after he killed a man while drinking and driving.

So what's Carr doing now? 

He's featured in a commercial for a Carolina car dealer.  


Frank Myers Auto Maxx often does TV commercials timed to holidays, and the latest spot featuring Carr is meant for the Halloween season. The commercial was comparing old cars with zombies, with the title of “Driving Dead.”

Are you kidding me? And no one thought this might be a bad idea? 

In the spot, Carr plays the role of a news anchor. Needless to say, viewers were not real happy with the ad.

“The commercial you’re speaking of only aired this past weekend,” Tracy Myers, the owner of Frank Myers Auto, told the Winston Salem Journal . “In that short time, we had a couple of complaint calls and several messages complaining about it left on the FMAM Facebook page. Hindsight is 20/20 and I obviously didn't use good judgment when I asked Mr. Carr to be featured in it (the TV commercial).”

The commercial, he said, was meant to be a satire based on the popular TV show “The Walking Dead,” about the survivors of a zombie apocalypse.

“It was certainly not meant to be taken literally,” Myers said. “With that being said, I can understand how Mr. Carr's appearance in the commercial could be considered offensive and in bad taste. ”

For that reason, he said, the commercial was pulled from the air as of Monday.