Cheering on the News


If you're looking to get hired at Post Newsweek's WPLG in Miami, it would really help if you have some experience. 

Not news experience, but NFL Cheerleading experience.  

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that the station has hired former Miami Dolphin Cheerleader Johanna Torres as a general assignment reporter.

Which now brings the ex-NFL cheerleader count at the station to at least three. 

Along with Torres, the station's weather anchor Julie Durda (pictured) was a member of the San Francisco 49ers GoldRush Cheerleading Squad.

And Traffic Reporter MJ Acosta also was on the sidelines as an NFL Cheerleader.  

So, if you want an on air job in SoFlo, grab pom poms and give me a "W".... give me a "P"....give me an "L"..... give me a "G".....WHAT DO YOU GOT?

A New JOB!!!!!