Website Publishes Reporters Home Addresses and Phone Numbers

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A website called is publishing the home addresses and phone numbers of Journalists in South Florida.  

The reason? 

They say that the Reporters are "lazy and don't feel like investigating and are NOT reporting on serious issues."  

So far the site has published the addresses and phone numbers for Reports with the Palm Beach Post, Palm Beach Daily News and WPEC, the Sinclair station in West Palm.

The site includes the personal info of a number WPEC Reporters and Anchors including that of anchor Susan Boyd. writes: 

Susan M Boyd is a reporter for WPEC Channel 12 in West Palm Beach. As journalists, the staff of the WPEC have chosen to ignore select political figures in Palm Beach County, turning their heads while their agencies run rampant with corruption, ranging in crimes of moral turpitude, stealing from tax payers to even committing murder.They cover things up in their own industry; if a member of the media commits rape, they are dismissed quietly and it is ignored by the rest of the media, deemed not worthy of news.

Instead of investigating these actions, Susan Boyd has chosen to ignore the respected position working in the field of journalism. Instead, these journalists choose to focus on people that cannot touch them. They take these people without knowing all the facts, or even wilfully ignoring these facts, and they splash their names across the papers or TV screens.In some cases, they publish their addresses.

We are returning the favor. Susan Boyd lives at:
(redacted by FTVLive)
Lake Worth, FL.

Drop by and let them know what you think of their reporting. As members of the media, they would think nothing of doing it to you. Or, give them a call late one night on their home phone, which is (561) redacted by FTVLive.

In statement made on video using digitally altered voice, the website claims that publishing the information is a form of protest against repo rters that they claim are too “lazy” to cover corruption in Palm Beach County.

Here is the statement"