Former Boston Anchor Now in St. Louis has Choice to Make


Before KSDK (St. Louis) news anchor Anne Allred came to Missouri, she spent five years as co-host of the morning show on WHDH in Boston. In fact she lived  a total of seven years in Beantown.

Now the St. Louis Cardinals are playing the Boston Red Sox in the World Series and Allred has a choice to make. Card or Sox? 

Of course since she is now anchoring in St. Louis, she has picked the Cardinals.  

Although to give her credit, Allred is from St. Louis.

"I'm a hometown girl and, of course, I'm rooting for the Cardinals," Allred said.

"Tomorrow, I'm going to make a bet with these guys on air," Allred said. "We're putting up Budweiser, toasted raviolis and gooey butter cake, and they're putting up Sam Adams, clam chowder and Boston cream pie."

If you ask us the Boston stuff sounds so much more tasty than the crap from St. Louis.